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25 January 2014 - Assistenztag anlässlich der Paperworld

If you were not there, you missed out on something. The second Assistenz-Tag took place at the Paperworld trade show in Frankfurt on 25 January 2014. More than 150 assistants from near and far attended this event organized by Messe Frankfurt in cooperation with working@office, EUMA and bSb. Following the welcoming by Stephan Kurzawski of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH who referred to his personal assistant as his nanny, and Annette Rompel, editor-in-chief of working@office, the event focused on three presentations:

"Confidently handling difficult customers - achieving success though levelheadedness" with Sabine Birven.
"How to score on the business stage" with coach Elke Wolf
"No risk - no hope" with Sabine Asgodom

Interacting with difficult characters such as know-it-alls, motormouths, hotheads, distrustful, timid and notorious naggers can often drag you down and leave you frustrated. Fuelled mostly by a need for attention, bad experiences and an overall negative attitude these characters do not perceive themselves as difficult. As Ms. Birven explained, it is up to us to deal with them by understanding the reasons for their behavior and consequently not taking it personal and whenever needed, setting firm boundaries. She offered a wide variety of suggestions to deal with each of these characters and reminded the audience that if nothing else, successfully dealing with difficult characters offers a good opportunity for personal growth.

True to the topic of her presentation Elke Wolf took center stage - and the audience by storm. Her animated and humorous look at the various pitfalls of etiquette and remedies led to a lively discussion with so many questions from the audience that her presentation went into overtime and the discussion overran into the break that followed.

Last, but certainly no least Sabine Asgodom took the stage and encouraged the members of the audience to take charge of their own success and to be proud of their achievements. Taking humorous jabs at some of Ms. Wolf's etiquette rules, she explained that breaking rules can be fun and lead to bigger and better things, if you do it in style. "High hopers" mobilize their intelligence and creativity when trying to achieve their goals. They are open for change and grow from crises fulfilling their dreams with supportive people.


The day's events were rounded up by plenty of networking and food. Many of the participants used the opportunity to browse the trade show after the event.