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Office Design MEETs BERLIN


What to do when you are in need of an innovative, modern and attractive conference room that should be situated right in the heart of Berlin and offer special features at reasonable prices? On September 8, 2015 the EUMA Berlin networking group found out with great pleasure that Design Offices take their slogan “Schöner Arbeiten, Besser Tagen” to heart and proved that a conference center can be much more than just serving the purpose.

We dove into a cozy atmosphere with very welcoming hosts who took all the time in the world to explain the different designs, functionalities and the Office Design-concept of tomorrow’s working environment. This very personal and extensive tour showed once again that a first-hand look can make all the difference in our job.

With conference centers in six German cities Design Offices offer facilities for all the modern future challenges combining efficiency, flexibility, social aspects as well as logistics, furniture and equipment related components. Impressive event surfaces meet a creative and sustainable work-life balance for successful business. Terraces and city views, living kitchen, show rooms and flexible meeting spots are just a few aspects to mention. Design Offices is adaptable lifestyle but also intelligent focus, collaboration, education and socializing under one roof. Amazing that keeping a very personalized interaction is still a key focus of the team working there.

While enjoying a delicious and ample catering we met Anne Hahn of our corporate partner MEET GERMANY who answered all our questions regarding event organization in great detail. Being connected all over Berlin she gave an insight into her ample portfolio of services and venues available in our vibrant city. Exchanging personal experiences with key contacts, venues and planning processes, Anne Hahn gave an in-depth look into her diversified working world with lots of impulses to follow for our next events. For MEET GERMANY event experiences watch out for their next road show most probably coming up in February. Within just 2 days you can experience several restaurants, event agencies, event locations and hotels– either by bus or individually. Be one step ahead, meet Berlin at www.meet-berlin.de and visit www.designoffices.de for a look at their venues.


24th March 2015 – "Goosebumps, EUMA!"

... is written on one of the colorful cards, Yvonne Weller has spread on the floor of her seminar room at “Die Talent Joker Berlin” for the participants of this regional evening seminar "’Somebody get me out of here!’- Stress Management" on 24 March 2015. The 10 participants select one each, introducing themselves and their stress levels based on the phrase they have picked. There is laughter, especially as we go about to do the "brooding wiper" to wipe away any stress before we dive right into the seminar. We hear it's all about mindfulness, recognizing your own needs, mental strength, confidence and composure. Things that we take for granted, but give little chance to exist in everyday work life. We discuss, laugh, and exchange thoughts and experiences intensely while enjoying the irresistible buffet catered by our corporate member aveato. We hear participants’ stories of suppressed body symptoms which eventually resulted in migraines, chronic pain and herniated discs due to permanent stress. Shockingly real, first-hand, painful. Goosebumps, baby!

Finally, we all believe that it is highly possible to create free space, to influence external and internal attitudes, to sharpen the perception and to learn to live more consciously, more relaxed - simply healthier.

We thank Yvonne Weller for an entertaining and instructive insight into the world of stress management, for her wonderfully soothing voice and the "bouquet" of flowers for all participants at the end of the event. Our big thanks also go to our corporate member www.shop.aveato.de for making this evening complete in terms of inner care!

I also thank the participants for their honest and frank words on their stress experiences as well as the courage and commitment to make this evening so truly relaxing. Maybe we should all go more often on an inner journey through “space”. Pure stress control – goosebumps, Baby!


"Listen up! EUMA goes for skills!", Seminar with Karen Nanninga at GLS Campus Berlin, 23.02.2015

One might wonder why EUMA would invite to a listening seminar when just almost every person is made to listen, or isn’t she?

As we found out at the GLS Campus Berlin on February 23, 2015, listening is not simply given by nature, but requires proper skills and tools in order to work. Karen Nanninga, our experienced trainer, did not only remind us about what exactly listening skills are, she showed us what she was talking about. Testing loud and soft voices, using our concentration abilities in smaller and bigger groups in an interactive form really required our full dedication and hard work. Karen knew how to add a lot of entertainment to this serious topic. By trying to make us behave like a human parrot and creating meaningful stories of “cats and grates” she simply made the evening fun and very informative. Delicious veggie dips and rolls kept us going.

Karen, we thank you for extending your long seminar day in Berlin and giving another evening seminar specifically for EUMA Berlin. We hope to see you soon again in our beautiful city and wish you all the very best for 2015!

“ Voice Training for Professionals“, RAMADA-Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz 10.09.2014

Did you know that the problem of a high-pitched voice is not down to your genes? And that it is up to you to empower your voice to its own full potential?

On Wednesday, 10. September 2014, Christine B. Kugler from „Raum für Stimme“ in Berlin not only taught us the anatomic specialities of our voice as a tool but also that every single corporal internal or external disharmony created by society for example,and any form of tension can have a huge impact on our voice quality. With many fun small tricks and exercises we have prepared our voice for tomorrow’s success during the evening. From small „earthquakes“ underneath our feet to carrying sonorous hip balls we experienced a lot of relaxation and laughter. Thank you for giving us more confidence in putting our natural talents to best use, Christine Kugler.

Many thanks also to Ramada-Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz, specifically to Michéle Masera and her entire team, for their warm hospitality and for sponsoring this enjoyable evening, for providing delicious and ample food and for inviting us to a cosy get-together at their comfortable bar after the seminar.

Furthermore we loved the open modern conference rooms in light colours and bright atmosphere, the Marché-like food bar in H2-Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz and the handy design of the rooms. We all were impressed by the double style concept targeting 2 complete different guest types under 1 roof (Ramada-Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz and H2-Hotel Berlin-Alexanderplatz). It was a wonderful evening. Thank you!

17 June 2014 -  Enthusiastically successful – Selfmotivation at high level, Maritim Hotel Berlin

On Tuesday 17 June our Berlin networking group met at the beautiful and elegant Maritim Hotel in Berlin Tiergarten. The weather was just kind enough to allow us a happy Get together on their roof terrace. The welcome drinks and delicious snacks were just the beginning of an inspiring and entertaining evening which then started with a tour through the Hotel. We viewed the beautiful luxurious suites and got insight into Maritimes’ impressive conference profile. We were all eager to gain more self-motivation but had no idea how this and our own key to personal and professional success could look like. Henning Gerstner from Bridgehouse Group in Berlin himself was our key that night. In surprising and diverting way he told his own life story about downfalls and successes which made any doubt regarding authenticity impossible. Henning Gerstner’s presentation was distinctive and diversified; it was full of daily life stories – unadorned and real. In the end we had to appreciate that merely our own attitude is crucial for the success or failure of an idea and that no seminar can possibly take this challenge away from us in a less demanding way. We were surprised, thoughtful and touched and most of us took the new approach home that night because it was so true. Maritim Hotel hosted a wonderful after seminar session with a rich and generous buffet in the inviting hotel bar. Our big Thank you to Henning Gerstner for his spontaneous commitment and to the whole Maritim Hotel Team who made us feel very special that night.


19 March 2014 - “Rhetoric night – Skilled verbal defense” at Sofitel Kurfürstendamm Berlin

On the evening of 19 March 2014 an ambitious group of women met at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm, formerly known as the Hotel Concorde Berlin. Since February 2014 the five-star superior hotel is managed by the French Accor Group under the brand name Sofitel Luxury Hotels. The hotel manager Carsten Colmorgen welcomed us personally along with the entire Sofitel team and a felicitous evening took its course.

During the subsequent site-tour through the hotel we were not only inspired by the view onto Kurfürstendamm but also by works of art by Junior Toscanelli and Katrin Kampmann, sculptures by Dietrich Klinge, bronze of Marcus Liipertz and comfortable bathtubs with a view.

he team of the stylish Berlin designer hotel with 311 spacious rooms and suites then took us to enjoy the modern interpretation of French Cuisine in the manner of a very lush delicious buffet. Even a EUMA - welcome sign being made completely out of chocolate was prepared.

Starting with the outrageous statement: “If you were my husband I'd give you poison." the participants of our rhetoric seminar listened 60 minutes to trainer Cecilia Skorupinski, a speech scientist who imparted the funnel and pyramid technique and taught us patterns for skillful repartee. We have practiced and found out: We do not actually need poison to consolidate our authority. We now have the tools for a KO strategy without legal consequences.

EUMA Berlin gives special thanks to Cecilia Skorupinski, Kathrin Thiers and the supportive team at Sofitel.


Responsible for this information : Marlen Stephenson


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