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Oct 19th, 2015 POWER TALKING

Park Inn by Radisson Köln City West hosted our regional meeting in October.

After a „warm-up“ with networking and a light buffet, Banqueting Manager Sabrina Franck guided us through the hotel inspecting meeting rooms, guest rooms as well as their recently renovated fitness and wellness area on the top floor overviewing Cologne’s city life.

POWER TALKING was the topic of the evening and Jutta Sauer, Author, Business Coach and Management Trainer, had just the right approach to submit her essential thesis effectively and with a lot of humour. As a former Management Assistant she experienced herself the importance of a clear (five „W“s) and powerful communication in our day-to day business. She gave us a lot of examples how to interact more successful and in a positive way. Political correctness, empathy, socialization… just to mention only a few instruments which we discussed.

After two hours the workshop ended with a positive feedback of each participant; reflecting different aspects which we want to follow up, keep in mind and hopefully practise.



July, 20th, 2015 After work boat trip on the Rhine

Between rainfall and sundown on the river Rhine

Christine Güdden from the regional group of Cologne/Düsseldorf had organized a cruise on the river Rhine in Cologne. When entering the cozy 80 years old saloon-boat the 12 passengers – both members and guests- were facing rainfall.

Still during the two hours of cruise time accompanied by some small meals, deliciously prepared by Christine herself, the group found themselves in lively conversations getting to know new people.

When the boat returned to the port the sky had come to show its generosity and offered a shiny sundown with a fantastic view of the Cologne skyline including the famous cathedral.

We are very much looking forward to next events…

Frank Jansen, corporate member, Repräsentant Firmenkunden J.G. Niedegger


June 17th, Rule of thumb for extraordinary success 

Are success rules of Box Champions interesting for management assistants?

At first sight I was not convinced that this field could have anything to do with us. But something aroused my interest when the topic “extraordinary success” was mentioned.

I was not the only one who was interested in learning more about success rules of box champions, so nineteen EUMA members and guests met in Düsseldorf to listen to Christoph Teege’s presentation.

Christoph Teege studied mechanical engineering but soon felt that a different mission was waiting for him.

Already doing speed reading courses and other coaching seminars as a freelancer, he won a TV boxing match @Stephan Raab’s show in 2013.

Having done that he was hooked on boxing and trained very hard to finally win the German Boxing Championship of non-professionals in his weight class just four weeks before our meeting in Düsseldorf.

Some of his rules and success formula are so easy and well-known, that you think you heard them many times before. Maybe you are right. For me, the simplicity of his rules were really convincing. In a more and more complex world we are confronted with very deep theoretical insights of the mechanism of our body, soul and spirit. We learn to understand, to forgive, to think things over and over again.

But: are we enabled to act? Do it, just do it is Christoph’s credo.

We of course – usually - don’t fight against people in a boxing ring.

Nevertheless, self defence against attacks in our daily lives is important.

The will to win gives you a lot of power. In our lives this could mean to win… e.g. time. Time for yourself to spend for your wishes or to say clearly NO when you feel utilised by somebody.

We have to focus on our potential rivals in a smooth way: a boxer is aware of the whole person, his arms, shoulder, movements and doesn’t only focus on the eyes of his sparring partner. Try out several movements; even try out to fight against people who are better that you.

Make a plan! A training plan will help you to reach your aims step by step.

During the implementation phase we are sometimes afraid to give up the protecting corner of the ring. We start to discuss with our weaker self, we hesitate and are indecisive. Go for it and fight. Protect yourself and don’t lose the will to win. Painful moments will vanish, your success will stay.

A good mixture of moving and relaxing combined with healthy nutrition will empower you and lead to great vitality. You are motivated and finally you will win and reach your aims.

After Christoph Teege’s presentation we had enough time for discussions and networking.

Our corporate member DIS AG in Düsseldorf hosted the evening in their wonderful modern new office rooms in Düsseldorf near the famous Königsallee.

They spoiled us with a finger food buffet and drinks. Thank you again for this kind hospitality to Frauke Brüninghaus and Claudia Kirchner from DIS AG.

Christine Güdden



April 22nd, 2015 THE ART OF NETWORKING

Hotel Cologne Rudolfplatz generously hosted our regional meeting in Cologne April 22nd and surprised us with excellent food and an outstanding service.
This evening was totally dedicated to the topic NETWORKING: in cooperation with “bSb” (German association for secretaries and office management) EUMA members and guests heard a lot about THE ART OF NETWORKING from author and trainer Isabel Nitzsche. Based in Munich, she leads an editorial office called print TV and is chief editor of “Wirtschaftspsychologie aktuell” only to mention some of her activities
After a welcome reception with sparkling wine we enjoyed a wonderful buffet organised by Hotel sales manager Isabel Kroll and her colleague Mrs. Kellermann.
The site inspection gave us a look into several guest and meeting rooms. The hotel management will start shortly the complete renovation of the hotel for about 18 months. We are invited to visit again and to gaze at the newly refurbished rooms after the rebranding as a “Steigenberger” Hotel next year. Nevertheless even before refurbishing the view from the President Suite over Cologne’s cityscape was breath taking and we are curious to see what is waiting for us after the renovation.
As soon as all 35 participants found their way back to the meeting room, Isabel Nitzsche started her presentation.
Networking is an attitude towards life. Often networking has a negative touch for those who only want to take. But people with a wide and vivid network are convinced about the positive impact of a good network on their private lifes and business success.
Isabel Nitzsche invited us to become acquainted at least with one person from the other association during the evening. She asked interesting questions as: how do we get to know people?  How can we overcome inhibitions? Sometimes we have a so-called “agent”, introducing us to other people and enables us to easily communicate with others and broaden our personal network consisting of direct contacts and 2nd degree contacts (contacts of the 1st contact person). Furthermore, we should ask ourselves to whom we introduce our “agent”, not to forget to thank our agents for their efforts and cooperation.
Isabel Nitzsche then gave a short overview of the historical background of women’s network activities and the importance to push this movement to overcome still existing injustice e.g. in form of unequal payments for men and women.
How can we measure the success of our network? Indicators like quantity, resilience, speed, quality, sales figures, preferential treatment, personal development, support, and many others could help.
Time ran and after 2 hours of her presentation we met @the Hotel bar (one of her haunting recommendations) to continue our networking. The final result was, that a common event of two associations meeting for a network evening turns out to be really successful, joyful and socialising. We will meet again next year to continue this project.




The SHERATON DÜSSELDORF AIRPORT HOTEL with its oval building is located right in Düsseldorf Airport area, you will find it on the roof of the P3 car park. It is surrounded by a lawn and the guests have a wonderful view from every room into the green surroundings of the roof's garden. Also a duck family is temporarily living in this courtyard garden.
With its 198 guest rooms and 17 meeting & conference rooms (except 2 small meeting rooms all rooms with daylight) the SHERATON belongs to the smaller hotels of the airport. As soon as you enter the lobby you feel the welcoming atmosphere and that the staff is very service-oriented. The hotel has a clear commitment to sustainability and has the certificate "eco-profit". A modern designed club lounge with free catering from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. is welcoming club members and SPG-Platinum (Starwood preferred guest) members .
The roof top restaurant "Deck 5" with a modern terrace in a stylish but cosy atmosphere will open soon.

We were very impressed by the hospitality of the SHERATON DÜSSELDORF AIRPORT HOTEL, especially of Elke Jacob und Sung-Ae Hwang, who organized a tombola for us. They made a special event out of the hotel tour by serving culinary delights on every station - very delicious.
After the hotel viewing we had the pleasure to attend a very interesting presentation "SMART MEETING PLANNING" of the expert Joris Eyck from Luxembourg, who explained us important findings about planning an event. He provided EUMA with his presentation and is so kind to allow us to send it to you, if you are interested. So, even if you had no chance to attend you will benefit from his fresh insights.



On February 25th, the appealing Lindner Hotel City Plaza in the heart of Cologne kindly hosted our EUMA evening.

The ground floor of the hotel was already refurbished with trendy furniture as we could see and liked the fresh and modern interieur. As meeting room the stylish hotel restaurant provided a separate little room called „Kölsche Stube“- that was just perfect for us.

We were happy to also welcome Annemarie Graat from the Netherland who found her way to Cologne to join this evening. Marvelous!

We had time to network while enjoying delicious snacks before Sales Director Florial Engel explained some of his interesting sales concepts such as „bottle parties“, meetings in a „Kitchen“ and many others. This man really is a source of creativity.

Mr Engel guided us through the hotel showing us some specials such as the extraordinary roof top garden, the first class lounge (including drinks and foods, with cosy stylish furniture, flat screens and chill out zones), the bar and even the spacious gym area. Some guest rooms are already renovated – (we took a look at the elegant junior suite) - the rest will follow soon.

After this little tour Ms Sangita Popat from www.ashada.de presented her concept and ideas about intercultural competence. She offered a wide range of trainings and coachings in this field.

The International Profiler is a licensed online tool to test your abilities referring pull competences (openness, flexibility), push competences (personal autonomy, emotional strength), communication skills, cultural knowledge and leading across culture excellence. The results show your strength and weaknesses in various fields and afterwards you will be able to be coached specifically on the basis of these results as well as your individual needs.

A little practical excercise showed us how a team may achieve a shared goal even with unequal approaches, readiness and cultural backgrounds: simply by knowing and accepting the differences, being tolerant, keeping an eye on the mutual goal and … slowly finding the same rhythm.

Too soon the very interesting evening with vivid discussions and conversations in a cosy atmosphere ended. Many thanks again especially to Ms Popat from ASHADA Consult and Mr Engel from Lindner City Plaza Hotel in Cologne.


Jahresauftaktveranstaltung Regionalgruppe Köln/Düsseldorf

On January 10, 2015 the kick-off event of the EUMA regional chapter Cologne/Duesseldorf took place high above the Rhine-river valley at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg. Opened in 1990 as guesthouse of the German federal government, the facility has housed royality and many famous people over the years. Following a warm welcome by Christine Guedden, head of the EUMA regional chapter, and Dominika Rudnick, Regional Director of Sales of Steigenberger Hotels, Soledad Sichert took the more than 20 participants, among them the entire national committee of EUMA Germany, Greetje van Vroonhoven-Mensing, National Chairman EUMA Netherlands as well as eight spouses on a tour of the hotel. She gave the guests a behind-the-scenes look of state reception that was both entertaining and filled with anecdotes. Starting from the Presidential Suite which, at the request of some guests, is completely redecorated with their own furniture, the group proceeded to another suite and the facilities that are being used for the reception line during official government events.Mrs. Soledad Sichert revealed that despite all the meticulous planning and briefings a great degree of improvisation is required during such events.

During the delicious three-course lunch Mrs. Soledad Sichert who is also a water sommeliere conductive a very informative water tasting.

Afterwards it was time for Astrid Voss’ seminar on “Change of Perspective”. Due to the interesting topic three spouses preferred the seminar to the wine tasting that took place simultaneously. For many people the new year is an occasion to re-evaluate their life and change things. Here it is important to understand what one is passionate about and to listen to one’s gut which is sort of a second brain. As Mrs. Voss explained there are three ego states the child state, the parent state and the adult state. Whilst there is no balance between the child and parent states, because one person is always in a weak position and the other one in one of power, people in an adult state meet each other with esteem on a level playing field. In order to understand the role of an individual within a group during a conflict, it is important to also consider things from the perspective of the other person. Then problems should be addressed in an open matter-of-fact manner and possible solutions should be offered. Mrs. Voss stressed that authenticity is very important in these dialogues. The participants then discussed their own experiences and discussed possible solutions

The seminar was over much too soon and the participants ended the day with a snack and interesting conversations. Heribert Nagel, husband of Claudia Nagel-Engels, the latest member of EUMA’s Cologne/Duesseldorf chapter, is a photographer and documented the event with photos.


Monday, October 27th, "The Time of my life", we spend an evening in Düsseldorf.

The Lindner Congress Hotel in Düsseldorf represented by Cathrin Jongen and Pia Tomes hosted this event.We were welcomed with a sparkling wine in a cozy elegant meeting room, followed by a delicious dinner. After a good networking session, Mrs. Jongen and Mrs. Tomes guided us through the hotel: they presented the meeting rooms and some recently renovated guest rooms in an impressive "Yacht style". In time Irene Schommer started her presentation about "The time of my life". IKEA's measuring tape and a simple round paper board slice opened our eyes right from the beginning. We found out how much  our daily duties are steered by others and how we could either fulfill these duties in a self-reliant way or convert these into self-determined time. Through vivid discussions and practical exercises,  we developed methods to use interruptions positively, to organize E-Mail floods, to get the required feedback from colleagues in time and many other topics in our daily business and private life.

What are the goals we want to achieve within the  - frighteningly short - available time? How much time should spend in business, with our family,  private activities, for education, and traveling,...? As soon as we have clear ideas how we want to proceed, our subconscious mind is navigating "behind the scenes" with a tremendously huge impact. We have it all in our own hands: we do not live to work,  but we work to live.

This leads to Rita Kühn from www.duesseldorf-olive.de  who joined our event and kindly offered some specialities and nice little gifts ready to taste and  to take home. Good to know: Irene Schommer uses her retail shop with meeting rooms sometimes for her presentations.

Thank you to Irene Schommer, Cathrin Jongen, Pia Tomes and Rita Kühn for their support and valuable contribution.

19 August 2014 Einführung in die Farb- und Stilberatung

Colour me beautiful - who does not know this concept from the 80ies when most of us tried to figure out why this yellow is the right or wrong colour for us? Things have changed a bit since then and Christine Güdden from Christyle in Cologne is the perfect proof. Not only has she the perfect style whenever I met her, she also is an extremely experienced and skilled person in the field of "making you look better than you already do". In an exciting evening at the RAMADA hotel in Hürth near Cologne we first of all got a very warm welcome by Managing Director Edgar Vonderweiden and his perfect team(Assistant Conference Manager Insa Poost, Corporate Key Accont Managers Daniela Roesner and Simona Cunsolo; Bankett & Convention Sales Manager Christian Richarz). This was followed by a presentation of Christine's "hobby made to profession". When you listen to her you instantly recognize the power and dedication she has for this topic. There are so many little tricks which can have a huge amount on your personal presentation and thus charisma. Christine encouraged to think about your appearance and the way you make people to notice you - dress to success.  


5 Juni 2014 Regional evening the group Cologne / Dusseldorf

Participants of EUMA’s Cologne / Düsseldorf region met on Tuesday June 5th at Steigenberger Parkhotel, Düsseldorf.Our generous host is one of the top hotels in Düsseldorf and we enjoyed a glass of champagne and finger food; a charming welcome in the piano bar, followed by an interesting site inspection of this traditional building. We had a splendid view from the recently renovated terrace to the stylish „Kö-Bogen“. A very elegant and smart location!Our experienced trainer, Regina Zelms from Frankfurt, presented interesting ideas and thought-provoking impulses about conflict management; together with numerous practical examples. Regina Zelms’s presentation was impressive and intelligent, and at the same time not too heavy after a long day’s work due to her humorous and down-to earth way of training.The picture of the evening shows the trainer, the participants and last but not least the competent and charming sales representatives of the Steigenberger Hotel: Dominika Rudnick and Hendrike Wreesmann.

5 June 2014 -  Conflict control / Harmony is dumbing us down

Conflicts are often not processed and remain unexplained which leads to the working atmosphere being burdened .The costs are decreased motivation and performance, followed by high absenteeism, internal dismissal and work to rule.