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Past Events Frankfurt

EUMA Frankfurt visits Messe Frankfurt

On August 11, 2015 23 EUMAs and guests visited Messe Frankfurt. Andrea Menke and Tanja Zwick awaited the guests at the Torhaus. Then up they went to the roof-top terrace on the 22nd floor where there was not only a refreshing breeze blowing, but from where one had a wonderful view across the impressive Frankfurt skyline, the Wetterau and the Taunus.

Andrea Menke and Tanja Zwick listed some facts and figures and noted that construction on hall 12 was scheduled to begin in fall with completion planned for 2018 – just one example for the fair‘s growth across all areas.

The Torhaus is the main office building for the approx. 900 employees currently working in Frankfurt. Around the world, more than 2,000 employees work for Messe Frankfurt which organizes the majority of its 121 trade shows per year abroad. Frankfurt can look back on approx. 800 years as a venue for trade shows and ranks among the top 5 around the world.

From Torhaus the group proceeded across the fairgrounds where preparations for the IAA which will take place from September 17, thru September 27, 2015 were still going full speed even in the evening, to the OSC, the Operations & Security Center. The new OSC forms the core of the fair grounds. From there heating, air conditioning, elevators and communications are controlled. Additionally, representatives of the fire brigade, the police, security and first aid are located at the impressive command stand next to which there is a room for crisis meetings. The same building also houses a fully-equipped infirmary, the only permanently staffed police station at any fair ground in Germany and a fire station. Dimitrios Donis described vividly and with many anecdotes how big events are executed smoothly and which measures would be taken in case of an emergency.

The evening ended in the open with refreshing beverages, tasty finger food and good conversation.


EUMA Frankfurt makes the „Great Voyage“

On July 16, 2015, 27 EUMAs and guests went on a cruise on the Main river for their summer networking. After the fully occupied “Nautilus” cast off the „Eiserne Steg“ in Frankfurt in brilliant sunshine it slowly glided downstream. From the boat the participants had great view of the banks where urban structures took turns with industrial sites and a lot of greenery. Many people used the beautiful day to enjoy it on and along the river.

Savoring refreshing drinks and delicious food, the passengers were caressed by the cooling breeze on deck while establishing new contacts and renewing old ones. The DJ on board contributed to the good mood. As the sun set, the boat returned to the “Eiserne Steg” where most participants left the boat. A few participants remained on board for another shorter tour of the river before going home. All participants agreed that this was a wonderful evening and thanked Sandra Helmstädter, the head of the regional chapter, for the successful event.


Aiming high with EUMA Frankfurt

On June 10, 2015 the EUMA regional chapter Frankfurt visited the Gallileo Art Tower.

Even before entering the building, art historian Silke Wustmann gave the more than 20 EUMAs and guests a brief overview of the history of the building on the edge of the railroad district in Frankfurt. In 2000 the Dresdner Bank started construction on the addition to their office building next door which today houses offices of Deutsche Bahn. Uncommon for a bank, the glass front that is supposed to suggest transparency is decorated with a foil installation by Herik Schrat that is critical of capitalism and located to the right of the main entrance.

According to Ms. Wustmann, art and culture played an important role at Dresdner Bank who a few years ago were taken over by Commerzbank. Funded by the Jürgen-Ponto-foundation and the Dresdner foundation young artists have been supported by scholarships as part of the Eintracht (Frankfurt as the new headquarters of the bank)-Dynamo (Dresden as original headquarters of the bank)-project for many years. Many works of art by these stipendiaries can be found in the Gallileo Art Tower and the Städel.

In the foyer James Turell’s light installation „Light Shaft 2“ and Magdalena Jeterova’s installation „Organic Implants“ were presented. Michael Wesely’s photography of the Gallileo Art Tower which he took with a pinhole camera and exposed to light during the entire three year construction process until the completion was particularly impressive.

During the tour Ms. Wustmann described works of art by Heiner Bub, Jürgen Klaucke, Martin Liebscher, Jules Spinatsch, Jens Masmann and Pierre Faure in a very entertaining way. The final work of art, a photography called „Movement“ by Regina Walz causes controversy among the staff. It is located in a conference room and depicts two masked persons who pose ready to throw something, but whose hands are empty – an unusual motive in this location that provides a lot of food for thought.

To cap off the event, it was off to the 36th floor which offered a spectacular view over Frankfurt and beyond that was documented with many photos.

March 12, 2015 – „Was für Frauen in Führung in der Kommunikation mit Maennern funktioniertby Melanie Ortner

On March 12, 2015 approx. 35 members and guests of the EUMA regional chapter met at the WESTIN Grand Hotel in Frankfurt and were cordially greeted by Regional Group Leader, Sandra Helmstaedter. She informed the attendees of the upcoming international training day in Milan and the national event and Annual Conference in Bad Homburg in May, 2015

Thereafter Mrs Schnaitmann and her colleague Mr. Bastian Baumann of WESTIN Grand Hotel welcomed the group with a glass of champagne and gave a short introduction about the hotel and its concept which focusses on environmental issues. Before the group started a tour through the hotel and the SPA area a scrumptious buffet was offered.

Mrs Melanie Ortner of “ORTNER Coaching” gave a very interesting interactive lecture on how to communicate with men.

Nowadays it is still that women are mainly active in the middle management and under male bosses’ leadership. For the female attendees it was enlightening to learn that there is quite a difference in communication behavior of men and women. Communication happens to the so-called ABC-guidelines. The attendees gave case studies and generated a vivid discussion. Recommendation how to communicate: Inwards be articulative/clear (what are our aims?) - Outside be cordial.

Such an interesting topic should deserve a whole day training.

All in all it was a very entertaining and informative evening with an excellent trainer and a fantastic location. Many thanks to WESTIN Grand Hotel and the organisers, too.


12th February 2015 - Smart Meeting Planning

On February 12, 2015, the members and guests of the EUMA regional chapter and met at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt and were cordially greeted by Ms. Melanie Düwer and her colleague Ms. Jessica Räpple.

Following the welcome, the participants had the opportunity to tour the hotel which was almost completely booked. The view from the rooms across the Frankfurt skyline and the newly designed conference area were particularly impressive. The participants got an idea of the Rezidor group, its brands and their meeting concept „Experience Meetings“.

Then Mr. Joris Eyck of our corporate member HelmsBriscoe informed the participants which planning steps have to be considered when organizing an event and how they are connected to each other. Before setting a date and looking for a location, the objective of the event, the participants and a rough concept of the event should be determined. It is also important to check the dates of possible trade shows, access by car or public transportation and possible incentives before settling on a particular city. He also gave an overview of advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face-meetings vs. webinars and pointed out that it was better to directly negotiate the contract for the venue rather than having an external contractor do this.

The evening was rounded out by a brainfood buffet, a raffle with numerous prizes and good conversation.

Jahresauftaktveranstaltung EUMA-Regionalgruppe Frankfurt am 15. Januar 2015

25 members and guests attended the annual kick-off of EUMA’s regional chapter in Frankfurt at the Rocco Forte Hotel Villa Kennedy on January 2015. Built in 1904 by the Jewish banker family Speyer, the building housed the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics between 1937 and 2003 before it was re-opened as a hotel following the addition of an annex.
Following a cordial welcome, Lisa D’Andrea and Victoria Sutter of the sales department gave the guests a tour of the hotel. The historic foyer and the staircase crafted from dark oak wood that date back to the early days of the building were impressive. During the tour the participants were able to admire photos by famous artist Kiki Kausch. In the spa the guests were treated to a yummy mango-smoothie. The courtyard which is often used for weddings was beautifully illuminated in the darkness.
Following the tour Sandra Helmstädter, head of EUMA’s Frankfurt regional chapter, and Vera Berndt, National Chairman, EUMA Germany e. V., informed the attendee of upcoming regional, national and international events. The remainder of the evening was used to establish and renew existing contacts while enjoying delicious fingerfood.


4 December 2014 Michis Schokoatelier

On December 4, 2014 14 members of the EUMA regional chapter Frankfurt met at Michi’s Schokoatelier to end the year on a sweet note. Owner Michael “Michi” Kitz and his team welcomed the guests with a glass of champagne before Michi showed how important accuracy is for successfully working with chocolate. Be it white, milk or dark chocolate – each type must be carefully processed at a certain temperature. While feeding the participants interesting tidbits about chocolate, Michi created a Santa Claus with skilled hands. The guests also had the opportunity to get creative and decorate their own chocolate bar.

This was followed by a tasting of five high-quality chocolates that illustrated the differences in quality and taste between the standard supermarket brands and sophisticated pastry products. With closed eyes many different nuances in the flavor could be tasted. Between samples the road from the cocoa tree to the finished chocolate was illustrated with pictures that Michi took during a trip to farmers in Ecuador who grow high-quality cocoa beans. In the end all guests agreed: This evening was a special treat in every aspect!



13 November 2014 Staedel Museum

On November 13, 2014 approximately 25 member and guests of the EUMA regional chapter Frankfurt met for a special evening at the reknowned Staedel art museum on the Museumsufer.

Following a brief welcome by Kerstin Schultheis of the museum’s event department the participants were divided into two groups and received an entertaining and informative introduction to the artwork covering seven centuries by guides Pascal Hess and Berby Kraegefsky. Be it artwork by Rembrandt, Duerer, Cranach, Manet, Monet, Picasso, Beckmann or others – they all can be found at the Staedel. The tours went by much too fast and all participants agreed that this would not be their last visit to the museum.

Then it was off to the Museumscafe where Ms. Schultheis pointed out the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Staedel in 2015 and the special show “Monet and the Birth of  Impressionism” with artwork loaned by famous museums from around the world. Helmi Poortvliet reported on the EUMA-conference in Paris and introduced Angela Parker as new Acting National PRO of EUMA Germany. The evening wrapped up with networking.


Regionalabend Frankfurt

On October 23, 2014 more than 20 EUMAs and guests met at the Hessische Hof where they were cordially welcomed by Sabrina Scherf and the attentive team of the Hessische Hof. During a brief reception Sandra Helmstaedter, the new head of the regional chapter Frankfurt, welcomed the participants and gave a preview of the upcoming events of the regional group.

The welcome was followed by a tour of the almost fully booked hotel. Nevertheless, the guests were able to see the new presidential suite, a room, the newly designed fitness and spa area, Jimmy’s Bar and the conference area and caught a glimpse of the restaurant. The precious hand-painted wallpapers that date back to the early days of the hotel in the 1950s were very impressive.

Then Gabriele Kunkel of the Corporate Member Mindjet presented the MindManager software. Using her own data she demonstrated how she uses the MindManager to organize her everyday work. Just one surface provides her with an overview of all current projects and with just a mouse click she can add a new one or access existing information. Since Mindjet is an international company, she shares certain projects and information with colleagues around the world in real time and all colleagues can access information such as flight information or hotel reservations and add new data or ideas from anywhere. She can even update a presentation while her colleague is already giving it. User licenses may be tailored to the needs of the individual customer and leased. The guests agreed that the software was a valuable tool when working with people around the world.



7 August 2014 The new Kap Europa    

Close to 20 EUMA-members met on August 7, 2014 to tour the new Kap Europa right next to the Skyline Plaza Shopping Center in the fast-growing Europa-Viertel in Frankfurt. Ms. Pinkert of Messe Frankfurt and her team welcomed the EUMAs in the foyer and provided an overview of the new congress center while everyone enjoyed tasty fingerfood and an aperitif. Following a longer planning phase and only two years of construction, Kap Europa was formally opened on June 1, 2014. Now that the first events have taken place, the operator uses the summer hiatus to put some finishing touches on the building. Kap Europa is the first venue the Messe Frankfurt markets and operates outside the confines of the fairground. Rooms of varying sizes and capacities ranging from 300 to 1000 persons are available on four levels. The foyer is solely used as a reception area. When it comes to events in Frankfurt, Kap Europa closes the gap between the hotels and congress facilities at the Frankfurt fairground. The rooms are not rented out individually but per level to provide the organizers with more privacy. During the subsequent tour the participants got a good look at the modern bright and environmentally sustainable facilities.

17 Juli 2014 EUMA Frankfurt Summer Networking

A Beautiful Summer Evening

Despite the ongoing vacation period more than 20 guests made their way to the Sky Lounge on the 9th floor of the Ramada Hotel Frankfurt Messe to network far away from the usual hustle and bustle of the office. The weather was wonderful and the lounge and the patio surrounding the lounge offered a great view of the impressive Frankfurt skyline, the Taunus and the Wetterau. In her welcome address Helmi Poortvliet talked about the upcoming EUMA-events (regional, national and international) and thanked the hosts of the Ramada hotel for hosting the event. The following conversations were rounded our by a scrumptious buffet and a small raffle. Many of the participants took the opportunity to tour the hotel.

15 April 2014 at Mercure Hotel Frankfurt City Messe - Why am I here and why should I stay 

EUMA Frankfurt is very happy and proud to announce an evening at Mercure Hotel Frankfurt City Messe.

Let’s discuss with Niko Gauer, Senior Consultant at SAP, about the why and how of our professional life. 

During this evening we will be provided with instruments for the professional development and positioning. We will learn how to improve our responsibility and personal planning and in the end the participants will have a better overview about their strengths and interests. Possibly we will get a better "feeling" for valuable next steps in order to push our career forward.

26 February 2014 - Management Board Member Meeting easily organized and recorded at Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof

How much time do you spend on preparing a conference and evaluating it afterwards?

This was the topic of the last EUMA Meeting on 26 February 2014 in Frankfurt. We are truly grateful for having been guests of The Steinberger’s hotel ‘Frankfurter Hof’. It was a very special evening with nice service and the great idea of having a ‘Flying Dinner’.

We were able to visit the Bibliotheca for the Entrees, with the main course we had a nice kitchen party and last but not least the dessert brought us back to the seminar center.

Mr. Matthias Frank, smartsPS showed us the program proSessio - the solution in real time how easy and comfortable it can be to plan and organize regular conferences or board meetings with keeping in mind the rules given by law. All EUMA Members have been really astonished by this IT tool. It is important to know that all delicate data are really protected in your company and not somewhere in a cloud. And even a last-minute-change is no longer an obstacle for the perfect execution and documentation of a board meeting.

If you need further information about Frankfurter Hof or proSessio please do not hesitate to contact euma-frankfurt@live.de

KickOff 2014 - Roomers

On 16 January 2014, about 20 members of EUMA's Frankfurt Regional Group came together for the first event of the new year. The venue for this evening of networking was the Skylounge at the Roomers hotel located in downtown Frankfurt. With its ceiling-to-floor windows and its location on the hotel's 6th floor the Skylounge offered a breathtaking view of the beautifully illuminated Frankfurt skyline and the bustling life in the streets below. Throughout the evening the team of the hotel offered tours through the hotel. The beautifully appointed rooms were decorated mostly in dark colors to provide a cozy atmosphere and offered some interesting details that certainly set the Roomers apart from most hotels. In addition, the very attentive Roomers-team spoilt us with delicious snacks.

During her brief introductory speech Vera Berndt, EUMA's national PRO, welcomed Karen Matheisel, EUMA's national treasurer, who had come all the way from Hamburg. Vera Berndt pointed out that 2014 had been proclaimed the "International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant". EUMA-member Ulrike Friedrich then stated that the purpose of this "International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant" was to draw attention to the manifold contributions that we as secretaries and administrative assistants make every day. Nadine Schumann is EUMA Germany's ambassador during this "International Year of the Secretary and Administrative Assistant". She stated that for her this job was one full of daily challenges that give her the opportunity to make worthwhile contributions to her employer's day-to-day business and help shape the future of the company.

The evening flew by quickly and was filled with networking and many inspired conversations