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Regional Networking Group Munich


Oktober 14th 2015 – The ins and outs of Profiling in the Derag Livinghotel Prinzessin Elisabeth 

On October 14th 2015, 16 members and guests enjoyed the atmosphere of empress Sissi in the Derag Livinghotel Prinzessin Elisabeth: https://www.deraghotels.de/hotel-prinzessin-elisabeth-muenchen/. We were fortunate to witness a thoughtful insight into the discrete world of  business psychology profiling.

The ability to assess interlocutors and dialogue partners alike prior to crucial meetings and/or negotiations in the business and political arenas is in greater demand today than ever before. Claudia Leudesdorff revealed in a congenial and unconstrained manner how successful business deals and the smooth, upward path on the promotion ladder have a common source: namely prior and comprehensive knowledge of the person on the other side of the table and situation in which the encounter is taking place – she calls it „decoding the black box“. Crisis and risk management too becomes second nature after being professionally coached and drilled in the way to deliver an accurate assessment of any situation. Claudia Leudesdorff and her team have advised Federal Chancellors, Federal Presidents and US senators during election campaigns and supported ministers, members of parliament and of Congress. Her company, Success Consulting http://leudesdorff.com/, has its primary focus on business.

Claudia Leudesdorff outlined how professional profiling can motivate leaders to achieve the extraordinary. The audience was captivated. Claudia Leudesdorff loves her work behind the stage curtain of power and is full of pride and happiness every time her clients reach for the sky and achieve their most ambitious targets.   

 Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/26



August 31st 2015 – "König Ödipus" by Sophokles, Glyptothek Theatre Königsplatz

10 members and guests attended the summer-networking in the beautiful historical city center of Munich. Built in 1816 the Glyptothek on the Königsplatz was designed by Karl von Fischer working for Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and laid out by Leo von Klenze. Klenze framed the square with the Ionic Glyptothek.The courtyard of the Glyptothek is used in summer for classical theatre performances, after sunset beautifully illuminated in the darkness. The piece we saw was König Ödipus" by Sophokles.

Preceeding the cultural part of the evening, we met for drinks and food in the wonderful Biergarten of the Park café. Everybody had a good summer time; and the living was easy. After August 31st rain set in and sunny summer 2015 was slowly going to fade into autumn.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/23


July 2nd 2015 – Siegbert Heuser – photos for your application

On a sunny, relaxed late afternoon July 9th 2015, Siegbert Heuser and his wife, http://www.fotostudio-heuser.de/ welcomed a small group EUMA to a very special loft, garden and fotostudio in Taufkirchen.   

The advice Mr. Heuser gave us in a very nice and friendly atmosphere: please let a professional photographer take care of the photo; do not have the photographs taken in a photo cabin. The return on investment in a good photographer is compensated by an excellent application which may lead to a job interview, resulting in a successful salary negotiation.

Please take the time to consider what position you are applying for. Which clothes belong in this business culture? Are you more likely to work in business clothing as costume or suit, or do your future colleagues and bosses tent to dress casual? How is the impression you would like to make on your future employee? Serious, creative, assertive, determined or otherwise?

Copy the body language and style of a confident, sympathetic person and show the best you have. But please stay authentic. After all, you want to dress to success instead of having to feel uncomfortable eight or more hours day by day, with whole new wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit your personality, right?

Good luck, dear EUMAs, with you next application.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/22


June 2nd 2015 – Ellen Hermens – Charisma and impact

On June 2nd 2015, Ellen Hermens of http://www.koenigsmacher-institut.com in Gerlinden opened the discussion, stating that when people feel well, are authentic and joyful, they are better performers.

This interactive workshop allowed us to share our experience with our perception of charismatic people, how we perceive ourselves and what perspective others (could) have of us.

Conclusion: charisma and impact depends on verbal as well as non-verbal skills: While your words provide some of the information, your body language and voice complements and ideally supports the message.

All EUMAs and guest agreed that again, we were happy to meet again and spend a very entertaining and informative evening with an excellent trainer and a fantastic location. Our utmost thanks to the angelo Hotel Munich Westpark http://www.vi-hotels.com/de/angelo-westpark/das-hotel/, for sponsoring this event, including the delicious fingerfood served at the Jazz bar.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/21


25th + 26th February 2015 – EUMA meets Munich 

EUMA-Regionalgruppe Munich participated in the Meet Munich Tour on February the 25th + 26th 2015.

It was the most comfortable and sociable opportunity to visit known and less known event-locations in the Munich area. All kinds of hotel categories were represented: from Dolce Hotel in Schleißheim – a hotel built five years ago, offering a unique formula including an auditorium 1,340m² of fully flexible function space where creativity knows no boundaries - up to traditional Hotels as Hotel Bayerischer Hof and Platzl Hotel – high profile hotels in the centre of Munich. A warm welcome with professional guided tour and delicious snacks were prepared for us at every station of the tour.

One of the location highlights was the “upside east” an open space on the 9th floor in the heart of Munich with a fantastic view and great design opportunities. The other, very original highlight and a must have contact for every Munich management assistant was a visit to the “FC Bayern Erlebniswelt” in the well-known “Allianz Arena”. Also here (VIP-) events can be organised. Sven EHRICHT, consultant, who offers Key Note Speeches, Business Talks and Management Seminars with Football Stars, Coaches, Sport Legends & Experts is happy to assist: www.EHRICHT.de

Thank you very much Anne Hahn, Luise von Möllendorff and Stefanie Zimmermann for this fantastic organization.

Participation in the next “Meet Berlin Jubiläumstour” on 15th +16th of April is highly recommended:


Photographs of the event in Munich available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/16

29 January 2015 – Bettina Stackelberg, Die Frau fürs Selbstbewusstsein®

30 members and guests attended the annual kick-off of EUMA’s regional chapter in Munich at the Ramada München Messe Hotel, now part of the H-Hotels, Home of Hospitality. www.h-hotels.com

Bettina Stackelberg, author, coach and this evening’s speaker gave her very interesting, individual view on confidentiality: www.bettinastackelberg.de

A confident woman knows herself, knows all her strengths and weaknesses. The message is: take the time to get to know yourself, your intuitions and make it concrete: What is my impact on others, where does my passion burn, what drives is my ambition? Which task is particularly easy to me, what does make me forget time and space, where does my fulfilment come from?

A woman who knows herself, who can accurately express her competences, is a valuable employee as she has chosen her profession accordingly to her enthusiasm.

Networking is part of a confidential woman’s occupation. Thus, the remainder of the evening was used to establish and renew existing contacts while enjoying a sumptuous buffet of magnificent food. Thank you, Bettina Stackelberg, for sharing your secrets of a confidential career with us, thank you Claudia Gschwentner, Director Sales Corporate Key Account and thank you Sina Danner, Junior Convention Sales Coordinator, for your hospitality and organisation.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/15