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Margaret Vendl

T.: +49 1639809187

E.: Euma-munich@de.euma.org

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Margaret Vendl

Past Events of Regional Networking Group Munich

25 October 2016 - Playing Theater with Annette Becker, catering by Heycater

On October 25, 2016, 25 EUMA members and guests met in the conference center of the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft. We were fortunate to witness an approach in conflict management by playing theater, imagining a conflict situation. This gave us the capacity to see both sides of a position while facilitating a positive (win-win) outcome. Amongst others, Annette Becker vividly talked us into the role of a high placed character and the role of a loser with their peculiarities and effects on their environment.

The catering team and I met some time before the event started. We had just finished setting up the drinks for the catering and settling Heycaters service partners behind the bar, when the first of many visitors started arriving. Throughout the evening, thanks to all participants, our host, our speaker and the presence of Heycater, there wasn’t a dull moment. The conference area we were allowed to visit was amazing – even in a city like Munich it will be challenging finding facilities that even come close to what the Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft has to offer. Thank you, Anke Weidemann, thank you Alexander Wieser, for having us as guests.

Photographs of the event and of the conference area of the HBW are available under: Link


22 September 2016 - Nina Sailer - Höhenluft Alpine Events in the Maritim Hotel Munich

On 22 September 2016, EUMA was welcomed in the lobby by Monika Steinberger, sales director of the Maritim Hotel. We were so happy to meet in our freshly renovated favourite inner city hotel in Munich. All of us took the time to say a few words about ourselves during the round of introductions and agreed that wearing a ''Dirndl'' was absolutely fine, not only because it was Octoberfest time, but also because it suits every type of woman and by wearing a ''Dirndl'' you won't offend anyone. Moreover, the cross over to our topic was easily made: Höhenluft Alpine Events. Nina Sailer presented her scope of original ideas, her background and her individual customised propositions in a friendly and qualified atmosphere. Please contact Nina if you like your Christmas party to be especially fancy this year.

Kindly, EUMA likes to thank Dragana Cajic and Natascha Dabrowski who provided us a closer look at the impressive new facilities combined with the excising familiarity of the Maritim Hotels. Thank you to the entire team for the delicious finger food served during the networking and the thoughtful and sweet give-aways we received not only from the hotel but also from Nina Sailer upon parting.

Photographs of the event available under:  Link

August 1st 2016 -  Visit of the art exhibition and a documentary on Picasso´s life in
                               the artist's house Munich

It was a beautiful summer evening. Exclusively we met in the sunny yard of the magnificent Künstlerhaus in the center of Munich that offers a wide variety of cultural events such as the summer exhibition on various international artists.  Pablo Picasso, almost a legend, is recognized as the world's most prolific painter with a career spanned over a 78 year period, in which he created 13.500 paintings, 100.000 prints and engravings and 34,000 illustrations.  Art historian Mechtild König-Kugler guided us and gave a broad inside in the backgrounds of this impressive exhibition.
Thereafter we together watched a very interesting documentary on Picassos life.

Photographs of the event available under following Link: