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Sandra Helmstädter

T.: +49 15253521521

E.: Euma-frankfurt@de.euma.org

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Sandra Helmstädter

Past Events of Regional Networking Group Frankfurt

Workshop „Assistants in Transition“ with Simone Richter on September 24, 2016

On September 24, 2016 14 EUMAs and guests met at the Dorint Hotel Main-Taunus-Zentrum in Sulzbach to learn from Simone Richter more about the topic „Assistants in Transition“ and how to best deal with the frequent changes. After Sandra Helmstädter, head of the EUMA-regional chapter Frankfurt, had welcomed the participants, Helmi Poortvliet, National Treasurer EUMA Germany e. V., informed the attendees of existing and future vacancies on the board and thanked Sandra Helmstädter for her work as head of the regional chapter.

During the round of introductions that was moderated by Simone Richter, numerous starting points for the workshop came to light. In everyday life assistants largely focus on their mistakes and things they cannot do instead of concentrating on their successes and skills. This was vividly underscored by an exercise during which the participants had to list their three greatest successes, their three most wonderful experiences and their two most important encounters of the past six months. The participants compiled the things they use to motivate themselves at work. It is important to know one’s identity, needs and how to reach one’s goals. The SIZE-personality model with its six different profiles is one tool to do so. To share one’s learnings with one’s environment and to successfully assert the resulting personal limits, nonviolent communication as described by Marshall Rosenberg to which a brief introduction was given is helpful.

The workshop provided the participants with the opportunity to share their concerns with others and to obtain valuable input for their daily life. The breaks were used to network intensely.