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Christine Güdden

T.: +49  1791496796

E.: Euma-cologne-duesseldorf@de.euma.org

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Past Events of Regional Networking Group Cologne/Dusseldorf


January 10, 2017 - MMC Studios Colgone

Backstage Tour MMC TV - and Filmstudios in Cologne

January 10th, 2017 was a very cold and windy day.

Nevertheless we were motivated and curious to experience the huge and extreme dimensions of European’s largest TV- and Filmstudio area, the MMC studios in Cologne.

Sir Ben Kingsley called it „Europe’s Hollywood“.

Superlatives like

157.000 sqm > MMC area

  27.000 sqm > Studio area

  28.000 sqm > office spaces

  12.000 sqm > storage area

really impressed us.

Most of all German shows are produced here, in Green Boxes of about 2.600 sqm. MMC provides the highest film studio worldwide, the Coloneum Mall is the largest daylight studio in Europe. Daily soaps, web videos, cine films, motion pictures, fairs, simply all formats you can imagine are produced here.

We could not be guided better and more interesting - with numerous inside stories – by the young Sara Bölling from Helikon Events, who could explain so many important details of the production process.

She even showed us the inner stage direction rooms and the make-up/hairdressers spaces.

Sara were very patient letting us take numerous pics of the group in front of the green wall with various interesting back sceneries and landscapes.

In case you are interested in a guided tour please turn to Helikon Events, the only authorized event agency the MMC studios are cooperating with.

Strongly recommended!





December 6, 2016 - Meandall Hotel Düsseldorf

Topic: „When old rabbits work with young chicken“ by Beate Beckmann

Resumé of the evening from our guest Anette Jürges:

On December 6, 2016 EUMA’s Cologne/Düsseldorf-Group met in the brand new „me and all-hotel, which is located in the Japanese-quarter in Düsseldorf.

Christine Güdden (regional director Cologne/Düsseldorf) and Lea Schlichter (Sales  manager me and all-hotel) gave us a warm welcome in the brilliant lounge in the 11th floor, where we had a fantastic view of the city. Then we started a hotel viewing tour with operation manager Mrs. Schlichter and Mr. Bernhard. We were impressed to see, that the “me and all” is a mecca for those with an appreciation for good design and good food. Every of the 177 rooms has its own WIFI, subwoofers and a power shower.

With its space for relaxation the hotel wants networking travellers and non-travellers to feel at home. You can come here with your laptop – alone or with guests, partners etc., take a coffee from the lobby and work in the co-working-space. For presentations you can use the cutting-edge technology.

The hotel offers living-room concerts and after-work get-togethers, workshops, meet-ups and stand-ups with an extra helping of passion in living room atmosphere in the lounge on the 11th floor.

After the location tour we all took place in the comfortable armchairs of the lounge with its homely-living-room atmosphere, where the absolutely friendly staff arranged a delicious snack for us.

Well prepared with food and soft drinks we had the opportunity to listen to the very interesting presentation of Beate Beckmann, senior consultant, trainer and coach with the subject: “when old rabbits meet young chicken” or “age is a/no question in the office”. With her open and charming manner Beate Beckmann took us to the baby-boomer-generation, talking about the generation x, generation y and generation z and asked: “Young leads old – how does it work?” It was so interesting watching her presentation and inspired by her we worked in small groups and found synonyms for the respective generations, which was a lot of fun.