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Training & Opportunities


One of EUMA's overall aims is to provide a forum for management assistants as well as for employers and to promote training opportunities necessary for the development of its members. Among their members EUMA count interesting trainer potentials and we are proud to present some of them:







Christine Güdden
has a degree in administration management and worked as PA to management board members and managing directors for many years.

Additionally, she is a trained colour- and style coach, who encourages people to find their individual style for more success in business as well as private life without missing joie de vivre. Christine offers individual coaching,workshops, lectures or company to business / private photo sessions for make-up, hair and styling.

Her main target is getting people empowered to impress for success: authentic and with strong effect.



Claudia Ruppert-Sand
works as an independent trainer for well-known public offices and firms. She lives in Germany near Stuttgart and in Southern France where she also gives seminars for live leadership and personal development in a very relaxing environment in her Mediterranean house.

For more information, please see:



Being a EUMA member, you have the opportunity to take an active part in working in advisory councils, committees and be part of a lively network.

Don't miss the chance to broaden your horizon.



Benefits for our members are to have access to a variety of attractive training programmes with relevant/tailor made contents for our profession at a favourable price/performance ratio.

If you wish to receive more information, please contact our National Chairman Vera Berndt

via e-mail: chairman@de.euma.org