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Events 2014

Regional Networking Group Munich


26. November 2014 – Renate Ernst - Demographic development – mature performance

On 26. September 2014, Renate Ernst from http://www.netz-training.eu „NETZ Training + Beratung” in Munich explained us the consequences in terms of career, of today’s geographic development. The age structure of Germany’s working population affects the country’s key socioeconomic issues. Baby boomers are still amongst our employees, teaming up with generation x and generation y. The baby boom generation are people born during the demographic Post–World War II, between the years 1946 and 1964. This generation is amongst the wealthiest, most active and most physically fit generation and amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. Also, this generation received peak levels of income, and is therefore be able to reap the benefits of abundant retirement programs. Today, while a high percentage of the baby boom generation already has retired, the knowledge of the remaining qualified employees needs to be protected by investing more in the health sector and other factors.


Our utmost thanks to the Maritim Hotel http://www.maritim.de/de/hotels/deutschland/hotel-muenchen/uebersicht, for sponsoring this event, including the delicious fingerfood served during the networking.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/13

20 October 2014 – Claudia Küster, künstlerisches Betriebsbüro National Theater Munich 

20 October 2014 – Claudia Küster allows a look “behind the scenes”of the Nationaltheater Munich 

On the evening of October 20th Euma discovered a new side to the Munich opera by taking a look behind the scenes of the Nationaltheater. The tour is full of essential facts about the various goings-on in the theatre as well as all the hard work that needs to be done before: “Curtains up!” is said behind the scenes. We heard many fascinating stories about the architecture, and the famous people who keep the performances running and who have influenced the opera house over the last 350 years. Most interesting were the anecdotes out of the performer’s everyday life. Claudia Küster, former ballet dancer and today employee in the künstlerisches Betriebsbüro, shared many ins and outs with the very interested Euma Group. The tour included the Royal Hall, the Ionic Hall, the auditorium and the stage area, where the decorum of Manon Lescaut, Opera by Giacomo Puccini, was just being built up. We were even allowed a peep through the prompter hatch. Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/12

Responsible for this information/text: Margaret Vendl

25 September 2014 – Fit in Schlips & Pumps im Louis Hotel am Viktualienmarkt****

25 September 2014 –Conny Schumacher at Louis Hotel**** A member of design hotels www.louis-hotel.com

Oktoberfest time in Munich. The evening started with several registered participants calling the organization to cancel their participation due to trains and subways stuck in the underground traffic. Finally the group present was smaller than planned, but expectedly ever so enthusiastic and positive as always. Hotel director Nico Rasp welcomed us warmly, regardless the rush hour and the fully booked hotel. We were explained that “design hotels” have become a hotel segment. The Louis hotel offers far more than the designer chair in the lobby; architecture, design, service, gastronomy and a unique location overlooking the Viktualienmarkt come together like interlocking pieces of a puzzle to form a consistent and coherent concept.

The topic of Conny Schumacher's talk was "Fit in Schlips und Pumps" and our speaker started her presentation by handing out a brief questionnaire to loosen up. After a long day at the office the participants hesitated while rating their subjective knowledge regarding health, discipline and fitness. Conny Schumacher, coach, personal trainer, speaker and nutritionist told the participating audience about the importance of well-defined rules, discipline moderate exercise, a good posture, an optimistic outlook on life and good nutrition for a healthy energetic lifestyle. http://www.conny-schumacher.de/

The evening ended at the bar with many a laughter and animated discussions. Everybody had a good time.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/10

11 July 2014 – Teamgeist at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Starnberg****

On a warm Friday evening in July, our EUMA Munich Group was lucky, to be able to join the bSb Group who had organized a very original way to discover the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Starnberg, one of 250 best conference hotels in Germany: http://www.vier-jahreszeiten-starnberg.de/en/meetings-und-events.html

We were warmly welcomed in the stylish lobby and served welcome drinks as well as fingerfood. After a short explanation about the hotel in general, we were divided into four Teams by the event organization ‘Teamgeist’: http://www.teamgeist.com

In a sportive manner we playfully discovered the hotels 400 sqm banqueting space that can be divided into 5 meeting rooms. In the same way, we had a chance to get to know the elegant rooms, the hotel suites and the conference suites on the fifth floor that can be used for exclusive meetings.

Many thanks to Tobias Baumann and his team for their warm hospitality and for sponsoring this enjoyable evening with presents for each winning Team, for providing delicious food and for inviting us for drinks at their stylish Bar Hemingway.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/7

26 June 2014 – Constanze von Kotzebue presented her qualitative research on Burnout Prophylaxis

The Design Offices, located in the highlight towers in Munich, http://www.designoffices.de/standorte/muenchen-arnulfpark/tagungsraeume hosted two important events on the evening of Thursday June 26th. at 18:00h. One of both was the public viewing of Germany playing against USA – Germany won 1-0. The other event was EUMA meeting up for a very interesting presentation by a very interesting woman, Constanze von Kotzebue. We have long forgotten the football match, but we remember this brilliant workshop. Many thanks to our speaker and to all participants. As the group was small (because of the football match), we had a chance to learn from each other. All women very honestly reflected on their own situation and had a chance to hear Constanze von Kotzebue’s opinion on each individual’s personal sensitivity for burnout.

Afterwards, we celebrated the victory of Germany’s team and invited Constanze von Kotzebue for a well deserved cocktail at the bar.

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/5

22 May 2014 – meetingmasters.de at Four Ponts by Sheraton Hotel Munich Central

EUMA Munich invites members and guests to the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel Munich Central on Thursday, www.fourpointsmunichcentral.com, 22 May, at 6.30 pm. The meeting starts with a barbecue where the hotel has the opportunity to introduce its new conference area and its unique roof terrace. Thereafter the participants are invited to join the presentation of “meetingmasters.de”, an agent introducing his services as professional supplier in event management. With their services and web-tools, meetingmasters.de assist in preparing events, considering cost control and transparency. More information on this comfortable tool: http://www.meetingmasters.de/

Photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/4


Speaking on stage is a very efficient career strategy. Being a speaker establishes your status within the industry and in-house within your company. As a speaker you become visible and you’ll notice the acceleration in profiling yourself within your network.

Since Regina Mehler started driving the WOMEN SPEAKER FOUNDATION, she realized having hit a niche in the market. More and more business women can confirm how important it is to build up your own brand. Being on stage is an important part of this. Each appearance on stage brings you one step ahead in your career and furthermore one step ahead directed towards an executive position.

Go ahead and start within your own department, bring yourself into focus and continue to target towards your first speech in front of the corporate management.

How to accomplish a successful speech, how to obtain the profile you need? Success is based upon a professional appearance. Of course your speech needs to be good in form and content, sophisticated verbally as well as non-verbally and stylistically skillful. Get to know the use of tools for those requirements and get to know the critical factors for success: start branding and positioning your name and reputation with help of:

•           Presentation Tools

•           Marketing Tools

Please don’t believe you need to do it all on your own. Networking is time consuming but in the end will save you time because of all the tips and advice that you get from other people.

Mrs. Mehler is an experienced marketing expert. She has worked in IT for over 20 years, amongst others heading the marketing department of ADOBE Germany where she held responsibility for the marketing strategy in central Europe. In 2008 she was awarded the European Corporate Design Award in gold for the rebranding of ‘Software AG’. As an executive in IT, Regina Mehler often found herself the only woman on the conference stage, at international trade shows, congresses and panel discussions. This is why Regina Mehler has founded the Women Speaker Foundation. The aim is simple: to increase the number of women speakers.

The Women Speaker Foundation offers a diversity of formats teaching women to be successful on event stages: from webinars to one-on-one coaching, see: http://www.women-speaker-foundation.de

Regina Mehler is a successful author of the book "Der Phoenix Effekt“, available at the Allitera-Verlag

photographs of the event available under: http://www.camuc.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/3

6 February 2014 – sabbatical leave, what do I have to consider before leaving and upon my return?

Haven’t we all considered the option of sabbatical leave? How does it work, taking an extended absence in the middle of a business career to go travelling extensively for research or self-discovery?  Some companies offer unpaid sabbatical for people wanting to take career breaks in order to try to find their balance and or need revision of values. This is a growing trend in times where employees tend to neglect their interests and establish personal expectations that may be too high to accomplish. Sabbatical leave may be a means of refocusing your meaning of life.

Petra Wagner, http://www.zwei-welten-reisen.de/ our speaker on the subject, shares her very personal story of her life with us.

Photographs of the event available under: www.camuc.info/EUMA